Help For HIV - Dedicated to improving the lives of those diagnosed HIV-Positive. Includes links to 50 different podcasts and videos, scientific papers and newspaper and magazine articles addressing the questions surrounding the HIV tests and HIV drugs, books, links, and a confidential HIV-Positive survey.

Living Without HIV Drugs> - True-life stories of HIV-Positives, how the diagnosis affected their lives, what they've done about, and how they continue to live healthy and happy lives without HIV medications.

Wrongful Death: The AIDS Trial - This explosive new novel exposes the government incompetence, gross medical malpractice, and unbridled greed by a drug company that caused our American AIDS epidemic and cost 300,000 lives in just ten years. A fictitious courtroom drama in the style of John Grisham, all testimony is based on over 900 medical and scientific references.

Dr. Peter Duesberg - Author of Inventing the AIDS Virus, this is Dr. Peter Duesberg's HIV/AIDS research website.

Duesberg's Pharmacology & Therapeutics monograph - This is Dr. Peter's Duesberg's definitive paper on AIDS and HIV, with links to each reference.

Rethinking AIDS - This is the official website of the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis. It contains archives of their past newsletters, a large original document library, detailed information about the Group, who belongs to it, and how to join.

AIDS Wiki - is a the central repository for documents, features, and current AIDS dissident events, and fosters AIDS dissent through the internet and other media outlets.

Barnes-ville - "Where we pontificate mostly about science, medicine and politics, unencumbered by the facts."

Virus Myth - This website contains more than 1200 web pages with over 850 articles about the AIDS controversy. Well organized, but no longer updated. †

Immunity Resource Foundation - A digitized information base and broadband video channel for science, medicine and health, incorporating the AIDS and medical archives of Meditel Productions and Continuum Magazine.

AIDS Myth - News, views, humor and international correspondence on HIV and AIDS from a "dissident" perspective presented by AIDS investigators based in Ireland.

JohnnyK's AIDS Dissident Infobase - a site dedicated to the many lives (both HIV positives and negatives) being destroyed across the world every day by the dogma that HIV is the cause of AIDS.

Durban Declaration Undone - In response to growing challenges to the HIV-causes-AIDS paradigm, an international group of scientists and doctors produced a manifesto called "The Durban Declaration." The declaration was released just prior to the July 2000 13th International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa and is an attempt to end debate on this critical world health issue. This rebuttal contains the full text of the original declaration with interlinear comments that show how orthodox claims about HIV and AIDS have been repeatedly contradicted in the medical and scientific literature.

Roberto A. Giraldo - The website of Dr. Roberto Giraldo, Physician specialist in internal medicine, infectious and tropical diseases. Independent AIDS researcher. Member of the South African Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel. .

Honest Doctor - The website of Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, National Institute's of Health whistleblower.

The Perth Group - The HIV-AIDS Debate.

AltHEAL - Access to scientific, verifiable, alternative information about HIV/AIDS and immune boosting treatments for health that most AIDS organizations do not make available.

Debating AZT - Anthony Brink, Advocate for the South African High Court, writes a profound treatise on the scientfic disaster that is AZT. Brink debates Desmond Martin, President of the Southern African HIV/AIDS Clinicians Society, who calls AZT a "medicine from Heaven."

The Other Side of AIDS - A film by Robin Scovill.

Gary Null - your guide to natural living - offering three outstanding videos on AIDS: Deconstructing the AIDS Myth, AIDS: A Second Opinion, and AIDS: The Untold Story.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe - a free educational web site dedicated to helping promote natural health for humans and their animals. - the most advanced and widest range of practical freedom information available.


Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society

Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives - a non-profit education, action and support network founded by a group of HIV-positive-diagnosed people who live in wellness without AIDS drugs and without fear of AIDS. Lots of information and regularly updated.

Alive and Well San Francisco - a local affiliate of Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives, Los Angeles. We provide support to people who seek to examine all of the scientific information available on immune deficiency.

Alive and Well Eugene - a non-profit educational network of volunteers committed to dispelling the HIV/AIDS myth.

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) New York (NY)

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) Portland (OR)

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) San Diego (CA)

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) Toronto

Health Education AIDS Liaison (HEAL) Germany

Act UP San Francisco


HIV Voice - a forum where HIV-Positives can talk.

HIV Uncensored - a place where people can get ideas and talk to other people about HIV and AIDS.

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